Tab Object Locator

Track anything, from your bags, to your keys, to people. The Tab Object Locator is a small, low cost, long life asset tracking device that can be attached to anything. The Tab Object Locator is a great solution for tracking your valuables and belongings.

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Instant location updates


Fits in bags, pockets, purses, toolboxes and more. The Tab is a flexable tracker for just about anything.

Geofence notifications

IP64 Waterproof.

Waterproof up to direct water jets from any direction. USB-C charging with a cover to protect the port.

Battery alerts

30 second updates.

The tab checks in every 30 seconds when moving, and every 4 hours when idle to save battery.

A tab object locator review.

Live track what's important to you and get alerts when they move.


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