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Trackpac is compatible with all LoRaWAN class A trackers.

Browan Tabs Object Locator

Track your personal possessions, keys, bags, expensive items or even yourself on the move! The Locator is quick and easy to get going and small enough to fit in a pocket.

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Browan Tabs Object Locator for Trackpac
Browan Tabs Object Locator in use

Digital Matter Oyster3

Monitor mobility of your fleet of vehicles or track assets on and off site. The Digital Matter Oyster 3 is perfect for industrial and commercial use.

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Digital Matter Oyster3 for Trackpac
Digital Matter Oyster3 in use

Abeeway Micro

The Abeeway Micro is an easy-to-use multi-functional tracker for all purposes. Abeeway Micro is a small, portable tracker that can be used in all settings, whether tracking animate or inanimate objects on the move.

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Abeeway Micro Tracker for Trackpac
Abeeway micro tracker in use