Get notified when your things move.

Get notifications sent directly to your phone when a tracker enters or exits a defined area. You'll also get low battery alerts, a full history of your trackers movements and a full web portal to manage trackers.

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Setup Geofences and get alerts directly to your phone
Scan a QR Code to add a tracker

Scan the QR code.

Scan the QR code on your tracker to add it to your account.

Geofence notifications

Setup geofences.

Set up a geofence and get push notifications when your tracker enters/exits.

Get push notifications directly to your phone

Get alerted.

Notifications on your phone when trackers enter/exit geofences and low battery alerts.

Manage multiple trackers in one app

Manage multiple trackers in one easy to use app.

View your trackers live on a map with no limit to how many per account. You can also view the full history of each tracker and set up geofences for each one. Manage lots? No problem, try our web portal.

Live track your assets as they move.

Follow along live on a map as your trackers move. You can also view a full history of your trackers movements. Each location is timestamped and you can view the exact time and date of each check in.

Live track your assets as they move
Analyse your trackers data on our web portal

Analyse on your desktop.

Analyse the data, optimise routes, monitor peformance on our web portal and prove items/people are where they say they are.