Redefining Tracking:
The Sensecap T1000.

GPS + WiFi + Bluetooth + LoRaWAN in a small credit card sized tracker.

Sensecap T1000 powered by Trackpac

Track Assets On The Move.

Trackpac makes it easy to track your assets on the move, with an easy to use immersive map interface provided by our partner Mapbox. Get real time updates as your T1000 moves and see the history of where it has been.

Immersive map interface for tracking assets on the move
Geofences with Trackpac

Setup Geofences & Get Alerted.

Setup geofences to get alerted when your tracker enters or leaves a specific area. This can be used to alert you when your tracker leaves a specific area, or enters a specific area in or out of hours.

Get Instant SMS/Email alerts when the alarms triggered.

Get Email/SMS notifications when the button alarm is pressed on the tracker. This can be used to alert you when assistance is needed

Get notifications on your assets
Mapbox and Route Matching

Mapbox + Route Matching.

Trackpac utilises Mapbox, a full immersive 3d mapping platform to provide you with the best possible experience. We also utilise the mapbox Map Matching API to provide you with the most accurate route matching possible. Mapbox Map Matching is a service that matches GPS traces to the OpenStreetMap road and path network.