Introducing the RAKwireless sticker tracker

GPS-less tracking + temperature monitoring in a small sticker based form factor

RAKwireless Sticker Tracker Powered by Trackpac

Track Assets On The Move.

Track assets as they move, with live location updates and monitor their status. Check deliveries are making it to their destinations and optimise around delivery times. The GPS-less RAKwireless sticker tracker is powered by Trackpac's Location Resolution Engine - Find out more here.

A to B Tracking & Notifications
Temperature monitoring and alerts

Monitor Temperature.

Monitor the temperature of your assets as they move. Get notifications when your assets breach temperature thresholds. Each RAKwireless sticker tracker has a built in temperature sensor, so you can monitor the temperature of your assets as they move.

Get Notified.

Get Email/SMS notifications when your assets arrive or leave a base, when they breach temperature thresholds or when the battery is low. Stay up-to-date with your asset as they move, a digital twin of your physical assets.

Get notifications on your assets
Mapbox and Route Matching

Mapbox + Route Matching.

Trackpac utilises Mapbox, a full immersive 3d mapping platform to provide you with the best possible experience. We also utilise the mapbox Map Matching API to provide you with the most accurate route matching possible. Mapbox Map Matching is a service that matches GPS traces to the OpenStreetMap road and path network.

Small Form Factor.

The slimline RAKwireless Sticker Tracker sets a new standard in tracking. With its slender form factor, sticker-base and long battery life it seamlessly integrates into any setting with ease.

Small Form Factor Sticker Tracker