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RAKwireless - 2270

The RAK2270 is a small and lightweight LoRaWAN sensor in a sticker format. With a built in temperature sensor and backed by the Trackpac LoRaWAN location engine, the 2270 can track temperature and provide rough location to provide a low cost tracking solution for cold chain monitoring. Just stick it to your asset and start tracking temperature & location.

rakwireless 2270

RAKwireless 2270 Features

Temperature Monitoring

Monitor the temperature of your assets in real-time and receive alerts when thresholds are exceeded. Perfect for cold chain monitoring.

LoRaWAN Location

Powered by the Trackpac Location Engine, the RAK2270 can infer rough location from it's connection to nearby LoRaWAN gateways.

Long Battery Life

Up to 1 year of battery with the default hourly reporting interval. The RAK2270 can be configured to report less frequently to extend battery life.

Sticker Form Factor

Small, lightweight tracker that can be stuck to anything, perfect for tracking assets of any size.

Fully Waterproof & Dustproof

The sticker form factor is sealed and waterproof, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Helium Compatible

Compatible with the Helium Network

Helium Network

LoRaWAN® Connectivity Powered by the Helium Network.

Trackpac is a leading provider of LoRaWAN® enabled sensors and devices. The Trackpac Network is a private LoRaWAN® network with roaming agreements with the Helium Network and other LoRaWAN networks.

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