Trackpac an IoT Sensor Management Platform

Manage your sensors on the move.

Trackpac is the ultimate IoT Sensor Management App that allows you to monitor and manage your sensors on the go. With Trackpac, you can access real-time data, set up alerts, and share sensors with your team, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Trackpac is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store. Download it today and take control of your sensors like never before.

IoT Sensor Management App Trackpac

Get real-time data from your sensors directly to your phone

Experience unparalleled connectivity with Trackpac's cutting-edge IoT management system. With Trackpac, you can effortlessly monitor and access real-time data from your sensors directly on your smartphone as well as on the web. Whether you're on the go or in the office, or at home, Trackpac helps you stay informed and in control of your sensors.

Our IoT Sensor management platform uses the latest technology to seamlessly integrate with your sensors, providing you with accurate and up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. Trackpac's user-friendly interface ensures that accessing vital data is intuitive and hassle-free, empowering you to make informed decisions wherever you are.

Real time sensor data from Trackpac

Setup Alerts to get notified when your sensors detect a change

Setup alerts to get instantly notified when your sensors detect a change. Whether it's a temperature change, humidity change, or a door or window opening, Trackpac will notify you instantly. You can choose who to notify, how (sms/email/push) and if its an out of hours only alert.

With Trackpac, you can rest assured that you'll be the first to know when something changes, allowing you to take immediate action and protect your assets.

Share sensors with your team

Trackpac's IoT Sensor Management App allows you to create organisations and add other team members to your organisation.All sensor data is then visable to all team members, allowing you to share the load and ensure that everyone is kept in the loop.

Trackpac web portal

Use our web portal to get even more from your sensors

Trackpac can also be used on the web, allowing you to get a bigger screen experience to dive into the data and manage sensors. Our web portal also allows you to download your sensor data, crutial for compliance and reporting.

Download the Trackpac App Today!

Get our app for easy access to your sensors and alerts. Available on both the App Store and Google Play.

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