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GPS Asset Tracking

Discover the power of Trackpac's asset tracking platform today. Effortlessly monitor and manage your valuable assets in real-time, and get instant alerts when something changes. Improve security, efficiency, and productivity of your business with GPS asset tracking.

GPS Asset Tracking

Battery-Powered GPS Asset Trackers

Trackpac supports a range of battery powered GPS IoT asset trackers, perfect for monitoring the location of your assets.

SenseCAP - T1000

Connectivity: LoRaWAN

Location, Temperature, Light, SOS
Digital Matter - Yabby3

Connectivity: LoRaWAN

RAKwireless - 2270

Connectivity: LoRaWAN

Location, Temperature
Browan - TBOL100

Connectivity: LoRaWAN

Location & Temperature

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Monitor your assets in real-time

Trackpac's GPS asset tracking platform provides you with a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage your assets in real-time. Our immersive maps, detailed location data, and real-time updates ensure that you have complete visibility over your assets' movements and status.

Asset Tracking Map preview with current location marker, polygon line for history, play controls and current status window

Get alerted when your assets move with Geofences

Setup geofences around your assets and receive instant alerts when they move. Customise alerts, when they are sent and who to and how they are sent. Trackpac's GPS asset tracking platform gives you the power to monitor and manage your assets with ease.

Asset Tracking Map preview with geofence alerts

Beautiful immersive maps powered by Mapbox

Trackpac's GPS asset tracking solution leverages industry-leading mapping services from Mapbox to provide detailed maps, Buildings, route matching and more.

Asset Tracking Maps provided by Mapbox

Route matching keeps your GPS data clean

Trackpac's GPS asset tracking platform offers route matching capabilities, allowing you to improve GPS results by matching checkins to known roads and paths leading to a cleaner, more accurate view of your assets' movements. This helps you better understand your assets' routes and activities, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

Asset Tracking with Route Matching

Extend location tracking with Multi-Sensor support

Trackpac's platform supports a range of sensors that also support Temperature, Light & shock as well as GPS location tracking. This allows you to monitor the environment your assets are in as well as their location. Empower your business with Trackpac's comprehensive asset tracking solution to monitor and manage your assets as well as the environment they are in.

Track Temperature, Light, Shock and SOS events with Trackpac

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