Long range, low cost tracking

The first truly global, decentralised LoRaWAN People’s Network enables us to offer low-cost, long-life battery powered tracking at 1/10th of the cost of traditional GPS.

Helium = The perfect mix of low-power use, secure and robust coverage, globally.


Trackpac is built on the Helium Network

Extensive coverage
The world’s largest contiguous wireless network.
Superior range
Devices can communicate 200x further than Wi-Fi.
Accessible pricing
Extremely low connectivity costs.

Helium's technology enables us to offer low cost, low power use, long-distance location tracking for everyone


Powered by the people

The People's Network: powered by sophisticated, open-source technologies. The result? A truly decentralized, trusted model for building wireless infrastructure.

Private & secure

End-to-end encryption, from device to Cloud, no external sources can read your data as it moves.

Reliable & scalable

Helium's blockchain technology makes scaling secure & easy and location history blockchain-proven.

Open source

Helium is committed to open collaboration, enabling to us to build and shape the network as it grows.

Seamless connectivity, rapidly expanding