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Dragino - LDS02

The Dragino LDs02 is a compact and low-cost door and window monitoring sensor. It is a great choice for monitoring door and window openings as well as open times and open counts. The LDS02 is easy to install and maintain with its user replaceable AAA batteries. It is a reliable and cost-effective solution for monitoring door and window openings in a variety of applications.

dragino Lds02

Dragino LDS02 Features

Door Open/Close Detection

Detect door openings and closings in your environment

Count Door Openings

Count the number of times a door is opened and closed

Time Door Openings

Track the time a door is open

Long Battery Life

User Replaceable AAA batteries for 16k-70,000 door openings

Small Size

Compact and easy to install

Helium Compatible

Compatible with the Helium Network

Helium Network

LoRaWAN® Connectivity Powered by the Helium Network.

Trackpac is a leading provider of LoRaWAN® enabled sensors and devices. The Trackpac Network is a private LoRaWAN® network with roaming agreements with the Helium Network and other LoRaWAN networks.

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