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Dragino - LSE01

The Dragino LSE01 is a LoRaWAN soil moisture and temperature sensor designed for agriculture and environmental monitoring. With its long-range wireless communication and high accuracy, it is ideal for applications like smart agriculture and precision farming.

dragino Lse01

Dragino LSE01 Features

Soil Moisture Monitoring

Accurate soil moisture monitoring for precision irrigation and agriculture.

Soil Temperature Monitoring

Reliable soil temperature monitoring for optimal crop growth and health.

Soil Conductivity Monitoring

Measure soil conductivity for nutrient management and soil health.

Long Battery Life

Designed for low-power operation with a long battery lifespan.

IP67 Rated

Waterproof and dustproof design, suitable for outdoor use in agriculture.

Helium Compatible

Compatible with the Helium Network for enhanced connectivity and range.

Helium Network

LoRaWAN® Connectivity Powered by the Helium Network.

Trackpac is a leading provider of LoRaWAN® enabled sensors and devices. The Trackpac Network is a private LoRaWAN® network with roaming agreements with the Helium Network and other LoRaWAN networks.

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